Our place within Dunedin

Due to its heritage and location, the factory site is a significant landmark in the heart of the city.

While it has been a privilege for us to occupy this site for more than 80 years, given its size and location, there may be opportunity to use the factory site in a way that serves the Dunedin community. We will work with the council and other stakeholders to consider options available for the future use of the site.

Cadbury World

The business recognises that with over 110,000 visitors each year, Cadbury World is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dunedin and we have committed to investing in a new Cadbury World that will offer an even better experience.

Cadbury World is one of Dunedin’s most popular tourist attractions

The NZ$7 million investment will create an entirely new tourism experience in the historic Castle Street Old Dairy which is being refurbished to provide a new home for Cadbury World.

We hope to double the number of full-time equivalent roles within the Cadbury World team from about 25 to 50. Visitor numbers are expected to go from 110,000 to over 180,000 per year, ensuring it remains one of Dunedin’s most popular tourist attractions and a popular meeting place for the local community.1

The new Cadbury World is expected to be completed by late 2018. Follow Cadbury World Dunedin on Facebook for updates.

Cadbury World
Cadbury World

1 Source: Simon Currant & Associates forecast

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