Our future in New Zealand

We recognise our important role in the local community and that’s one of the reasons this decision has been so difficult to make.

Our business in New Zealand has been built upon the professionalism and dedication of the Dunedin team.

Over 130 people will continue to work for our business throughout New Zealand

Of course, we will continue to focus on our business partnerships with hundreds of big and small New Zealand retailers up and down the country.

With the community’s support, we will also continue our redevelopment of Cadbury World which plays an important part in the Dunedin tourism industry and employs over 30 part-time workers.

This decision helps to ensure our ongoing investment and involvement in New Zealand. We will continue to invest in salaries, marketing, customer partnerships and business support each year in New Zealand.

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Supporting Dunedin

We are a significant employer in Dunedin and we know this decision will have an impact on the local economy.

We have been here for more than 80 years and seen the local economy grow around us.

We will engage with local and national stakeholders to ensure that we can continue to support the local community through community partnerships and sponsorships.

This will include working closely with local and national governments to minimise the impact on the local community.

Our People

We are proud to have such a high performing team based here in Dunedin. Our immediate focus is on supporting them as they absorb this news and start to participate in the transition process.

We have a responsibility to them to deliver the best practical support we can as they make the transition to the next stage of their lives. We’re confident that with the resources we have available and the team of professionals dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our people, we can meet this goal.

We are now working with our people and their representatives to better understand their needs so that we can offer the right support and training.

Our focus now is on our people and providing them with the right support to transition to the next stage of their lives

Impacted employees will have the opportunity to apply for vacancies in our Australian sites and we will provide relocation assistance to successful applicants and their families.

We will also encourage them to apply for other suitable roles via our regional and global internal recruitment sites.

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