New Zealanders all have their favourite Cadbury treat, and we’ll continue to deliver the same taste and quality you enjoy today. This decision will help ensure the sustainability of our business in New Zealand and reaffirms our commitment to those things that you expect when you buy one of our products: great taste, unwavering quality, innovative new products, and successful partnerships with hundreds of small and large New Zealand retailers across the country.

Cadbury Dairy Milk

For generations, we have created one of New Zealand’s favourite chocolate blocks, and you can be sure the taste you know will not change.

Our commitment to taste and quality remains the same, and your Cadbury Dairy Milk blocks will not change.

Cadbury Dairy Milk has been produced in Australia since 2008 and nothing will change as a result of this decision. The recipes and ingredients that make Cadbury Dairy Milk a much loved product will remain exactly the same.

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Other Products

It’s important to recognise that over 80 per cent of our products sold in New Zealand are already imported and won’t change as a result of this decision. Of the remaining 20 per cent, we expect the vast majority of products will remain unchanged.

After the site’s closure, the majority of products currently produced in New Zealand will be consolidated into our Australian factories.

Our focus will be ensuring the quality of the products

Our focus will be ensuring the quality of the products does not change and any difference in taste or texture would be minimal and thoroughly tested with Kiwi consumers.

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